"The Battlefield" is a patrol mission in Star Trek Online's Delta Rising expansion, accessible by entering the Borg battlefield location in the Sylleran sector of the Vyntadi sector block in the Delta Quadrant. The mission must first be unlocked with a playthrough as part of the storyline mission "Friends in Unlikely Places" but may afterwards be replayed by approaching the location.

Location descriptionEdit

Long-range sensors are detecting large amounts of debris in this space. Starship captains are advised to use caution when traveling through the region.


The player character's ship arrives in the system to discover several debris fields left over from Borg ships after a major battle. Scanning the hulks and salvaging a Borg data node reveals that they had been attacked by weapons not previously encountered by Alpha Quadrant Alliance forces, weapons for which the Borg had no adaptation protocol.

The player is also attacked by three groups of Hirogen, Kazon, or Borg (chosen at random) who had been scavenging the debris.



Borg battlefield

Races and culturesEdit


Starships and vehiclesEdit

Apex-class battleshipBorg cubeBorg probeBorg sphereHunter-class escortKazon carrierKazon cruiserKazon raiderSeeker-class frigatetactical cube (as debris)

Technology and weaponsEdit

data nodetractor beam


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