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From the book jacket
When the planet Empyrea, a colony of genetically perfected human beings, demands that the Federation remove a science station which has been in place for nearly twenty years, the starship Enterprise is assigned to transport to the planet the Federation ambassador who negotiated with the Empyreans long ago - an ambassador who was once Dr. McCoy's closest friend, but is now a bitter rival.
On Empyrea, McCoy discovers Anna, a daughter he never knew he had. McCoy soon realizes that the isolationalist Empyreans must not learn her father is an off-worlder, and that her genes are less than "perfect". As relations with the Empyreans collapse around him, McCoy must find a way to save his newfound daughter from the harshest penalty her planet can impose!



AlexeiCalvinChristine ChapelPavel ChekovKara ChoudhuryClementsEleniEthanJames T. KirkLiftigAnna MarchElizabeth MarchLeonard McCoyKatrina OrtegaRamon OrtegaPaoloLisa PutmanErica RousseauMark RousseauMontgomery ScottJacob SimonLinden SkloffSpockIbrahim TamiyaNyota Uhura
Referenced only 
DevilGodSherlock HolmesGeorge Samuel Kirk Sr.Joanna McCoyJocelyn McCoyGregor MendelWolfgang Amadeus MozartChristopher PikeChristopher RousseauKhan Noonien SinghV'Ger

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Areian freighterSS Botany BayUSS EnterpriseUSS HoodUSS KoopUSS LexingtonUSS ManhattanUSS RepublicUSS Richard Feynman


Stellar locations
Alpha Kratonii systemCampan sectorMutara sector
Planetary bodies
Donatu 5EarthNova Empyrea
Planetary locations
GeorgiaGreat Wall of ChinaIowaIsolation CenterMount PlacidusSavannah
Starbase 86

Races and culturesEdit

AreianHuman (AfricanAugmentEmpyreanGreekLudditeRussian) • KlingonVulcan

States and organizationsEdit

Boy Scouts of AmericaEmpyrean CouncilEmpyrean Liberation FrontFrench Foreign LegionNazi

United Federation of PlanetsEdit

Federation Diplomatic CorpsStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Cosmology and AstrophisicsStarfleet Science Academy

Other referencesEdit

alligatorbairnbearbeebirth controlbreadcanarycancercellochickencorncowdogdollardoughnutduckEnglishEugenics WarsfrogGaelicgoosegothicGreat Empyrean ExperimentguitarhaggishorsehyposprayjazzleechnickelPADDphantompianopistolPlomeek souppokerpon farrPrime DirectivescotchsnakeStarfleet uniformSternn Fusion CoreswordSword of DamoclesSyringe 112-BteaTen Commandmentswine



Related storiesEdit

  • TOS episode: "Amok Time"-Spock's plomeek soup throwing incident is referenced by both Kirk and McCoy.


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chronological order
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Spock's World
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The Covenant of the Crown
The above chronology placements are based on the primary placement in 2275.
The Pocket Books Timeline places events from this story in four other timeframes:
Previous Adventure:
Burning Dreams
Chapter 1, Section 4
Next Adventure:
Previous Adventure:
The Counter-Clock Incident
Chapter 1, Section 1
Chapter 1, Section 6
Next Adventure:
The Kobayashi Maru
Chapter 8
Previous Adventure:
Where Sea Meets Sky (Backstory)
2254 Next Adventure:
A Test of Character
Previous Adventure:
Summon the Thunder
Chapter 7, Section 2
Next Adventure:
The Kobayashi Maru
Chapter 4

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