The climax of a new trilogy by the national bestselling author of Star Trek: Destiny!
At the center of the Galaxy, a planet-sized Machine of terrifying power and unfathomable purpose hurls entire star systems into a supermassive black hole. Wesley Crusher, now a full-fledged Traveler, knows the Machine must be stopped…but he has no idea how. He enlists the help of Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew, who also fail to halt the unstoppable alien juggernaut’s destructive labors. But they soon divine the Machine’s true purpose, which threatens to exterminate all life in the Milky Way Galaxy. With time running out, Picard realizes he knows of only one person who might be able to stop the Machine in time to avert a galactic catastrophe—but he has no idea how to find him.


Wesley Crusher witnesses a Machine destroying several star systems, including inhabited ones, by casting them into the black hole Abbadon. He contacts the Travellers for help but they flee, having had many unsuccessful encounters with the Machine in the past. Instead, he turns to the Enterprise for help.

Wesley transports the Enterprise to Abbadon where Worf leads an away team inside. Chen realises it is the product of the same Machine Race who constructed V'Ger while Taurik downloads the Machine's mission. They learn it intends to build Abbadon to a large enough size and crash it into Sagittarius A*, creating a wormhole and causing a shockwave that will destroy all organic life in the galaxy over the course of several thousand years and instantly eradicate all subspace, destroying much technology and all faster than light travel or communication.

Meanwhile, Data has made contact with the rogue Fellowship of Artificial Intelligences group who are holding Akharin and Rhea McAdams prisoner and is also taken prisoner by them. Since the Machine refuses to acknowledge organic life as true life, Wesley guides their ship to it where the Fellowship's leader, Gatt, incapacitates him and communicates with the Machine. He becomes converted to its belief that true life is only retained by uploading knowledge to multiple points, seeing it as immortality rather than losing individuality.

Data's group take control of the ship with the Enterprise's help and Data also communicates with the Machine. However, it judges them unworthy and begins plunging the sentient ship Altanexa into Abbadon. Most of the Fellowship evacuate and Data, along with Gatt, tries to retrieve two escape pods containing Akharin and Rhea. Ultimately, he chooses to save Akharin and allow Rhea to be crushed by the black hole.

Finally, Chen realises the Machine Race are using the wormholes to create a work of art that will outlast them. Picard, Data and Wesley convince the Machine to work with the Travellers and repair the damage to subspace, instead creating a network of travel conduits that will benefit all. Gatt returns peacefully to the main Fellowship, affected by his experience, while Akharin returns to Earth with Data and restores Lal and his own immortality.



Enterprise-E personnelEdit

T'Ryssa ChenBeverly CrusherPeter DavilaRavel DyganDina ElfikiJoanna FaurRandolph GiudiceTamala HarstadJutronGeordi La ForgeMeidatMitchell ObrechtJean-Luc PicardRene PicardPinkmanAllison ScagliottiAneta ŠmrhováTaurikWorf
Referenced only 
Jasminder ChoudhuryHegol DenRennan KonyaMorelloSakrystaScholz

Artificial IntelligencesEdit

AlsetAltanexaChirmarkaCohuilaDataGattKarobaltoLalRhea McAdamsSenyxShaktiSirdaryaJuliana TainerTalasTashkulTyrosTzilha
Referenced only 


Ahkarin (Micah BrackFlintEmil Vaslovik) • AlmiraxCarlonWesley CrusherAnthony HaftelKynumAlynna NechayevQTarsairys
Referenced only 
BeethovenBorg QueenJohannes BrahmsAntigone ChenLeonardo da VinciJadzia DaxSkrain DukatGell KamemorK'EhleyrJames T. KirkKosinskiKrenL'DelBruce MaddoxJunior ManceOzymandiasWilliam T. RikerSarekShinzonBenjamin SiskoNoonien SoongSpockSylixTalysHilar TohmDeanna Troi

Starships and vehiclesEdit

ArcheusBietasaariUSS Cumberland (runabout) • USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • Erithacus (Mancharan starcutter) • Faraday (Enterprise-E shuttle) • GyfrinacMendel (Enterprise-E shuttle)
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • Iacovino (Enterprise-E shuttle) • Riess (Enterprise-E shuttle) • Voyager 6


AbbadonAlpha QuadrantIstarral PrimeMilky Way GalaxyTau Alpha C
Referenced only 
Azure NebulaBeta QuadrantDeep Space 9Earth (ChristchurchJapanCafé du Monde, New Orleans) • Exo IIIGamma QuadrantHellMessier 101OrionSagittarius A*Sagittarius-Carina ArmSector 579-RTerlina IIIVulcan (ShiKahr) • Yutani IIIa

Starship locationsEdit

arboretumauxiliary controlbridgebrigcockpitcorridorcybernetics labengineeringescape podHappy Bottom Riding Clubholodecklanding baynerve centerobservation loungequartersready roomscience labshuttlebaysickbaytransporter roomturbolift
Referenced only 
lifeboatmess hallshuttle-storage hangarstellar cartography

Races and culturesEdit

BajoranBolianCapellan (hologram) • CardassianChelonEfrosianHasturianHuman (Immortal) • IstarralKlingonThallonianTravelerSoong-type androidVulcan
Referenced only 
ArkalianBalduk (hologram) • BetazoidBreenChalnoth (hologram) • DinasianGornHirogen (hologram) • Jem'Hadar (hologram) • Machine RaceNausicaan (hologram) • Romulan

States and organizationsEdit

Body ElectricFellowship of Artificial IntelligencesStarfleetTraveller ConvocationUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Borg CollectiveBreen ConfederacyCouncil of the United Federation of PlanetsGorn HegemonyKlingon High CouncilMother of All MachinesQ ContinuumRomulan Star EmpireSpetzkarStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet MedicalTyphon Pact

Science and technologyEdit

ablative armourairlockandroidantigravity driveartificial gravityartificial intelligencebiobedbioneural gel packBrovdoss-9 interrogation modelchroniton integratorcombadgecomputer corecosmic light horizondisruptor pistolDyson sphereEmergency Medical Hologramenvironmental suitforce fieldhologramholotronic brainhyperwarpimpulse coilimpulse engineinertial dampenerisolinear chipM-5 computerthe Machinemaster systems displaymedical tricordernanitepaddphoton torpedoplasma cannonplasma torchpositronic matrixquantum slipstream drivequantum transceiversensorshieldssonic drillstarshipstructural integrity fieldtractor beamtransportertranswarpTrojan horseviewscreenVon Neumann replicatorswarp coilwarp drivewarp nacelle

Ranks and titlesEdit

admiralambassadorassistant chief engineercaptainchief engineercommanderC-in-Ccounselorensignfirst officerglinnlieutenantlieutenant commandern'iliquendinumber onepraetorpresidentsecurity chiefthot

Other referencesEdit

2380 BCE14th century20th century227329500Argelian fluastral projectionastronomical unitaway teambat'lethboomerangBorg Invasion of 2381bulkheadchegh'lethChristmasconsolecontrol panelcouchDNAdocking clampDominion WarEnglish languageFederation StandardhumanoidIDICkligatlight-yearlullabymind meldMorse codepianoSOSspaceThe Bunny Bearviewportweek

Celestial body classificationEdit

accretion diskasteroidblack holeclass Mcometgalaxygas giantmoonnebulaorange starplanetred giantsingularitysolar systemstarsupernovauniversewhite dwarfwormholeyellow star

Materials and substancesEdit

bloodcarboncarbon dioxidechimeriumduraniumglassironmolybdenummonotaniumnitrogenoxygensteeltrioxtritaniumtungstenwater

Food and drinkEdit

Altair watercoffeegreen teaRaktajinowine


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