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The NX-01's film library display on a viewscreen.

The Bride of Chaotica was a science fiction film, part of The Adventures of Captain Proton series. The title character of this film was Queen Arachnia, who was to be the bride of the recurring villain character, Doctor Chaotica. (VOY episode: "Bride of Chaotica!")


The Bride of Chaotica was included in Earth starship Enterprise's motion picture library in the year 2153. (ENT episode: "Cogenitor")

This movie was eventually converted to hologram format and used as the basis for a holodeck program available on the Federation starship USS Voyager, enjoyed by members of the Maquis and Starfleet crew, including Tom Paris and Harry Kim. Because of a first contact gone wrong, aliens became trapped in the holodeck program and the Voyager personnel were forced to play out the program to prevent the visitors from being killed. (VOY episode: "Bride of Chaotica!")



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