From the back cover: The Hamlin Massacre -- every Starfleet officer knows the tale. The tiny Federation outpost of Hamlin was destroyed. Its entire adult population ruthlessly slaughtered, before the first defense shields could be raised. Even worse, the colony's children disappeared without a trace, abducted by the aliens who attacked with a ferocity and speed that outmatched their Starfleet pursuers.

Now, fifty years later, the Choraii ships have appeared again. But this time the Federation is ready; this time, the Choraii must pay for what they need. the precious metal can only be bought with the Hamlin children still living with their captors.

This time, the Choraii must face Captain Jean-Luc Picard -- and the crew of the Starship EnterpriseTM.

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BeataJack CrusherZagrath

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USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class)


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StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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bloodbridge monitorcaptain's chaircomputerelementfevermatterpoundsensorstarbasetimetransporterturboliftvocoderwarp factor

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ambassadorbureaucratcaptaindoctorensignfarmerfirst officerlieutenantlieutenant commanderofficerpilot

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Aldebaran shellmouthasteroidbridgecabincaptain's logchairchestcommand modulecushiondayengineeringfurnitureHamlin MassacrehelmjacketleadmetalminingmonthParrises squarespocketquartersramprankscience labscience sectionshirtsickbaytechnologytrunkweapon

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