The Exorcism of Borhyas was a book written by Ranjen Koral two days after participating in the titular action.


The book was written at some point before the year 2409. In that year it was part of the collection in the Ha'dara Temple in Hathon on Bajor. Ranjen Ravel allowed visitors to read it. (STO - "Cardassian Struggle" mission: "Of Bajor")

Its content and history were the same in the mirror universe. (STO - "Cardassian Struggle" mission: "Jabberwocky")


The book recounts Koral's and his master's efforts to exorcise a Pah-wraith from the farmer Borhyas. The effort was successful and filled Koral with great respect for his master, a vedek. The book spells the name of the non-corporeal lifeforms "Pah-Wraith". (STO - "Cardassian Struggle" missions: "Of Bajor", "Jabberwocky")

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