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The Eye of the Beholder was the 15th episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series, aired on 5 January, 1974. The episode was later novelized in Log Eight, the eighth installment of Alan Dean Foster's Star Trek Logs, in July 1976.


Another exciting episode from television's most popular science fiction series.
Complete in this volume:
The Eye of the Beholder
A routine follow-up mission to investigate an overdue survey ship leads the crew of the Enterprise to a world where visitors are always welcome… very welcome indeed.
Kirk, Spock and McCoy are suddenly captured by strangely intelligent alienstelepathic Lactrans who look upon the Enterprise crew as no more than interesting specimens for their already well-stocked zoo.
It was not a happy situation for Captain Kirk and his crew. And there seemed to be no way out…


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Episode charactersEdit

Arex Na EthRandi BryceJames T. KirkJohn KyleShiboline M'RessTom MarkelLeonard McCoyNancy RandolphMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru Suluunnamed LactransCanopus III dinosaurMaravel dragonUSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) personnelunnamed USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) personnel

Novelization charactersEdit

Arex Na EthRandy BryceHivar the ToqJames T. KirkShiboline M'RessLouis MarkelLeonard McCoyMeyersNancy RandolphMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhuraunnamed LactransCanopus III dinosaurMaraville dargoneerjawanda
Referenced only 
Alan Dean FosterK'ang Te

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)
Referenced only 
USS Ariel (survey ship/scout)


BoquBoquian systembridgebriefing roomEpsilon ScorpiiLactraLactra VIILactra VII zooLactran citymedical labNGC 7332transporter room
Referenced only 
Canopus IIIEarthGalactic Historical ArchivesMaravilleS. Monicus IWaimangu Valley

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

sciences divisionStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Technology and weaponsEdit

antennacommunicatorcomputerUSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) library computerforce fieldhand-held weaponlibrary computermedical kitmedikitphaserscopesensorship-mounted weaponsoloidstarshiptransportertricorderviewscreenvisual pickup

Ranks and titlesEdit

admiralchief engineerchief medical officercommandercommanding officercommunications officerdoctorfirst officerhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant commandermisternavigatorofficerphysicianscience officersecuritysenior officertransporter chiefxenologist


antanimalbacteriagrasshumanoidinsectjawandaMaraville dragonplantslug

Other referencesEdit

alienanatomyatmospherebiologyboarding partybrainCanopus III dinosaurcaptain's logcitycivilizationclass M planetcolonycommunicationcoordinatedaydesertdinosaurdiseaseearth normaleyeecologyfeverfirst contactG class stargalaxygeologyghidgravitygovernmenthourIQkilometerlanding partylife-formlight yearlog entrymalariamedicinemeteoriteminaghidminutemultinevarnation-statenevarorbitpiñataplanetraces and culturesrain forestranksciencesentient lifeship's logsiliconspacestarstar chartstar systemstarbaseStarfleet regulationsStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)stellar classificationtechnologytelepathytemperatureterraformingtitleuniformuniversewaterweaponweekxenologyyellow starzoo


2269 (stardate 5537.1) 
Enterprise searches for Ariel.
stardate 6111.3 
Log entry recordings of this mission are transcribed by Alan Dean Foster at the Galactic Historical Archives on S. Monicus I.



This is the eighth of Alan Dean Foster's TAS adaptation collections which have been reprinted a number of times, often in omnibuses with other Star Trek Log books. Most recently in 2006 by Del Rey Books, an imprint of the original Ballantine Books publishers, as part of Star Trek's 40th Anniversary celebrations.

While the episode itself mentions stardate 5501.2, the novelization states a date range of 5537.1 to 5537.2, and the dates mentioned in log entry occurrences are altered accordingly.

The episode ends with the crew leaving the Lactran zoo with the Ariel captives returning to their ship. The novelization continues the story, however, with the Enterprise helping the Lactrans find an escaped animal.



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