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Introduction (blurb)Edit

Bajor is in flames. The corridors of Terok Nor echo with the sounds of battle. It is the end of the Cardassian Occupation -- and the beginning of the greatest epic adventure in the saga of Deep Space 9....

Six years later, with the Federation losing ground in its war against the Dominion, the galaxy's greatest smugglers -- including the beautiful and enigmatic Vash -- rendezvous on Deep Space 9. Their objective: a fabled lost Orb of the Prophets unlike any other, rumored to be the key to unlocking a second wormhole in Bajoran space -- a second Celestial Temple.

Almost immediately, mysterious events plague the station: Odo arrests Quark for murder; Jake and Nog lead Chief O'Brien to an eerie holosuite in a section of the station that's not on any schematic; and a Cardassian scientist whom even the Obsidian Order once feared makes an unexpected appearance. With all those events tied to a never-before-told story of the Cardassian withdrawal, Captain Benjamin Sisko faces the most dangerous challenge of his career: Unless he can uncover the secret of the lost Orb, what began with the fall of Terok Nor will end with the destruction of Deep Space 9... or worse.


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Arla ReesAtrigBaseJulian BashirPhraim BetanDatarJadzia DaxVic FontaineElim GarakKira NerysLeenMornNogMiles O'BrienObanak KeelenOdoQuarkThomas RikerRomSatrBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoSarah SiskoLeej TerrellVashWinnWorfKasidy Yates

Prophet guises:

Julian BashirDamarCurzon DaxEzri DaxJadzia DaxMichael EddingtonVic FontaineElim GarakKira NerysKira Nerys (mirror)NogKeiko O'BrienMiles O'BrienJean-Luc PicardQuarkRomWilliam RossJake SiskoSolokVashWeyounWorfKasidy Yates
Referenced only 
AlkeneBus BetarBoothbyPavel ChekovLisa CusakAudrid DaxEmony DaxJoran DaxLela DaxDukatKivas FajoFelixKangJames T. KirkKosst AmojanKozakLeetaM'PellaDal NortronOpaka SulanWilliam RossMontgomery ScottJennifer SiskoSpockZek


BajorBajor-B'hava'elBajoran wormhole/Celestial TempleDeep Space 9JeraddoPromenadeQuark's
Referenced only 
Argellius IIAtlantisBaraddoB'hal TaBrooklynBrooklyn BridgeBynausCardassiaDeneb IVDisneylandFarpoint StationFerenginarIr'Abehr ShieldLunaMount Ba'lavaelNew York CityNew SydneyOld ZimbabwePenraddoPraxisPraxis RingQo'noSQui'TuSagittarius IIIStarbase 375TellarusTracian SeaTroyiusVegan systemVeridian IIIVorta Vor

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Chimera-class cruiserUSS Defiant (Defiant-class) • USS Opaka
Referenced only 
Akira-classUSS BondarBorg cubeConstitution-classUSS GarneauLatinum QueenUSS SaratogaSolokIKS Thousand-Taloned DeathUSS Thunderchild

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Amber StarApplied Science DirectorateBajor DivisionBajoran MilitiaCardassian UnionDominionInvidian BattalionStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Applied Science DirectorateBajoran Cooperative GovernmentBajoran Lunar Power CommissionBajoran ResistanceCardassian Central RecordsCardassian Home BattalionsDepartment of Temporal InvestigationsDetapa CouncilFirst Contact OfficeKlingon Imperial NavyObsidian OrderStarfleet Corps of EngineersSymbiosis CommissionTholian Assembly

Other referencesEdit

Altonian brain teaseramusement parkanesthezineAnslembat'lethBeta XII-A entitybicuprodyanideCardassian Uniform Code of Military JusticeCarrington AwardCelestial MarketChoir of Celestial AccountantschronitonClass Y planetColonial Independence Daycomfort womandabodabo girldartsDay of WithdrawalDays of Atonementdeeth mokdéjà vuDenevan crystalDivine LabyrinthDivine NagusDivine TreasurerDominion Warduck blindDyson sphereEmissary of the ProphetsExalted TellersThe Ferengi ConnectionFerengi Rules of AcquisitionFermionfirst contactGaleo-ManadaGalorglitterballGreat Material RiverGrumpackian tortoiseheadskirtHiggsholoholographic viewerholosuiteIDICIdeogramImolian butterJalbadorJalkareeJefferies tubejumjakanark'ThaticKrimaganeelatinumLauriento massage holoprogram 101AlemonadeMandylionMarauder MoMartianMartian tequilamillipede juiceMissing Time SyndromeMooshkNagal DoormanNeemukneural depressantneurozineOccupation of BajorOptolithic data rodOne True Wayorange juiceOrb of WisdompianoplexiglassPon farrPrime DirectiveprotoplaserPQ-1raktajinoRed Orbs of JalbadorRichter scale of cultureRite of KanleeRocket to the MoonRomulan aleRomulan WarsRumtagSaurian brandyslingshot effectSmiling PartnerSnogginstation local time • "Stretch" • SundaytargTeiresian veilTiyerta noktongoTrading Tonguetrianiumverteronverteron nodeVedek InquisitorVulcan Love SlaveVulcan Love Slave, Part II: The RevengeWar of the Prophetsw'Han DoWill of the Prophets


Background informationEdit

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The Sound of Her Voice
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Cardassian withdrawl from Terok Nor
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Preserver (novel)|Preserver
The Ashes of Eden
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The War of the Prophets

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