Kirk: in danger

Omne: reborn

Never mourn Black Omne was the warning. Now through the Phoenix miracle of rebirth, the dread enemy lives again. Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise crew must grapple hand to hand with the most dangerous arch villain in the galaxy, the giant, evil, immortal Omne who has vowed revenge.


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Di'on CharvonPavel ChekovDoyen of the Thorvan LeagueHegarch • "James" • James T. KirkMarocJabilo M'BengaLeonard McCoyOmnethe OtherResident of RazarMaia RobleinR.A. RobleinRovanMontgomery ScottSpockS'TalHikaru SuluTrevanianUhuraVaral of VoranV'Rlee
Referenced only 
Zephram CochraneDavidElaanGarth of IzarGoliathNomadSarek

Starships and vehiclesEdit

aircarUSS Enterpriseescape podPhoenix ship • unnamed Romulan scoutship • unnamed heavy battle cruiser • unnamed dreadnought


The AnomalyRazarRomulan Neutral ZoneThorvaVoran
Referenced only 
CapellaIotiaThemasVaal's planetVulcan

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Romulan EmpireStarfleetThorvan League of PlanetsUnited Federation of PlanetsVoran Dynasty Hegemony
Referenced only 
Klingon Empire

Other referencesEdit

Ahn'varambassadoramnesiaarvanAtavarBabel conferencebridgecaptainchief engineerClass Mcommandercommander-in-chiefcommunicatorDaviddilithiumdoctorDynastic Liberation Prizefirst officerflamerFlying Dutchmanforce fieldgravityHal Voh Rahellhelmethyposprayimmortalityintercomknifelancemind touchwarp nacellenebulanepenthe plantphaserPhoenix ProcessPrime DirectiveProconsulsickbayRomulan languagespearStarfleet uniformtoweltractor beamtransportertransporter roomuniformvaralVoran Dynasty Hegemony ConferencevorlatwolfYoung Surak




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The Price of the Phoenix
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Black Fire

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