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The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

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For the actual rules in Ferengi culture see Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

Want to increase your profits? Sure, we all do!

The Ferengi are greedy, avaricious, ruthless, cowardly and completely unscrupulous -- the ultimate role models for today's business people and anyone out to make a profit. They are also the breakout stars of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

For centuries the famous Ferengi Rules of Acquisition have been the guiding principles of the galaxy's most successful entrepreneurs. Now the power and the wisdom of these rules are available to everyone.

#1 "Once you have their money, never give it back."

#21 "Never place friendship before profit."

These rules and dozens more have taken many successful Ferengi to new frontiers of profit. Now it's your turn.



Jadzia DaxGintGrilkaNatima LangOdoQuarkRomSakonnaBenjamin SiskoZek


Alpha QuadrantBajor sectorDeep Space 9

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Background informationEdit

  • The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition gives several new rules that were never heard in the series.
  • Legends of the Ferengi is a sequel to the book, giving background information on the rules. In that book, The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition is used as an illustration of Rule #82: "The flimsier the product, the higher the price."

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