This article is about the PC video game published by Mindscape and Level Systems. You may be looking for the unpublished NES game cartridge.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was a video game for PC systems released in 1989 as a video game adaptation of the concurrent movie.


Stardate: 8474.8. Captain's log.
These are the continuing voyages of the starship USS Enterprise-A. The renegade Vulcan, Sybok, has taken command of my ship and intends to navigate the USS Enterprise through the "Great Barrier" at the center of the galaxy. His destination is a legendary planet known only as Sha Ka Ree. Sensors have picked up a Klingon bird-of-prey closing fast at warp speed. If we are forced into combat, we will be out-gunned and out-maneuvered. I have nothing to rely on except my wits and the abilities of my crew. "May fortune favor the foolish".
  • As Captain James T. Kirk, it is now up to you as you face the ruthless Klingon, Klaa. Interact freely with your bridge crew as you never thought possible. "What are your orders, Keptin?".
  • Ultra-realistic graphics and sound create the experience and bring you into the action and adventure that is Star Trek.
Boldly go where no man has gone before…


Sybok, a rogue Vulcan, hijacks the Federation ship USS Enterprise-A in pursuit of heaven, which he believes to be at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. A Klingon bird-of-prey pursues on this quest.



James T. KirkSpockLeonard McCoyHikaru SuluSybokKlaaVixisRobert Bennett

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Enterprise-subclass Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • IKS Okrona (Klingon bird-of-prey)


Sha Ka Reethe galaxy's centerthe galaxyGreat BarrierKlingon Neutral ZoneNimbus III (Nimbus)

Shipboard locationsEdit

USS Enterprise-A 
IKS Okrona 

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

FederationKlingon EmpireKlingon Defense ForceKlingon High CommandStarfleetStarfleet Command

Technology and weaponsEdit

command chaircomputergravitic minephaserphoton torpedowarp driveweaponsensorstarship

Ranks and titlesEdit

captainchief engineerchief medical officercommandercommanding officercommunications officerdoctorengineerfirst officerflag officergunnerhelmsmanlieutenantnavigatorofficerscience officersenior stafftactical officer

Other referencesEdit

alert statusaltimetercaptain's logdamage controldilithium crystalgalaxygovernmenthumanoidlifeformlog entryminutenavigationnation-stateplanetraces and culturesranksciencestarstar systemstardatetechnologytitlewarweaponwormhole




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