"The Gale, Part I" is a Star Trek Online short story by Jesse Heinig, with Christine Thompson, appearing in Star Trek Magazine #42. It was the first original fiction to focus on the crew of the USS Enterprise-F in a mission story-line. It was the first part of a two-parter story.


Captain Va'Kel Shon of the Enterprise-F takes an away team of Commander Savel and Lieutenant Kyona down to the icy world of T'liss, in Romulan space, in an attempt to intervene in reports of strife between Federation and Reman miners there. While on the surface, they are captured by Remans, losing contact with the Enterprise.

Meanwhile, aboard the ship, Commander Samuel Winters is confronted by two Romulan ships, appearing immediately after the away team's transport. Commander V'liir, of an opposing Romulan ship, insists the Enterprise accept an escort out of the area out of risk of 'confrontation'. Accepting a suggestion from Counselor Phillipa Matthias, that V'liir is after something else, Winters decides to 'agree' the escort and leave the system; while his real goal is to track down a Reman task group in the Chiron system.

On the planet, Shon and his team are brought into an icy canyon containing living shelters and large machinery, salvaged from starships (including backup generators) that show clear signs of damage from weapons fire. They are led into an open bunker, to stay, with, noticeably, no lock or guard.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Meet me in the transporter room, Doctor. Dress warmly."
Va'Kel Shon

"The question is not whether Commander V'liir is angry or hostile. It's what she's angry about."
Phillipa Matthias

Background informationEdit

  • The "gale" is referenced in description, after Shon's away team is captured on the snowy planet: "The Reman who'd spoken moved quickly among them and confiscated their communicators, then pushed the trio onward into the gale."



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