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Introduction (blurb)Edit

Pax Galactica. Enemies become allies. Old secrets are at last revealed. Long-held beliefs and widely accepted truths are challenged. Man turns to leisurely pursuits.

In this golden age, two old friends are drawn together. They seek to understand, and wonder how what they have long believed, what they have been taught was never so.

Over two hundred years ago, the life of one of Starfleet's earliest pioneers came to a tragic end, and Captain Jonathan Archer, the legendary commander of Earth's first warp five starship, lost a close friend. Or so it seemed for many years. But with the passage of time, and the declassification of certain crucial files, the truth about that fateful day—the day that Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker III didn't die—could finally be revealed.

Why did Starfleet feel it was necessary to rewrite history? And why only now can the truth be told?


The story starts out with Nog walking down a street, and it is revealed that his previous leg replacement has been removed in favor of a new leg grown from his own tissue. He finds the house he was looking for, which is Jake Sisko's. He notes that the house has little technology on the outside such as a doorbell, which is very strange for earth houses of the period. Jake happily invites him inside, and the two reminesce. Nog has married four times, five if you count the wife he married twice. He reveals the purpose of his visit- he was studying 22nd century warp mechanics when he found some recently declassified files about events everyone in the Federation was taught happened in 2161 but actually happened in 2155. Nog has brought with him the datachips containing two versions of events- the ones everyone was taught and the one he found. He and Jake start playing the datachips...

A Romulan scientist, Ehrehin I'Ramnau Tr'Avrak, is in a research complex with his assistant, Cunaehr, testing a prototype of a warp seven engine. The experiment is approved to continue, and he starts the engine. The engine does not work, and engulfs the complex in flames. Most of the research team is beamed out by a nearby military vessel, and Ehrehin ponders his fate.

Jonathan Archer is at a meeting for the Coalition of Planets, an interstellar alliance of which he is the founder. The senior staff of Enterprise present (Doctor Phlox, Hoshi Sato, Travis Maywhether, Captain Archer, and Malcolm Reed) are seized by deja vu as two days prior, during a similar meeting, it was discovered that Paxton, a leader of a xenophobic terrorist group, had cloned Trip and T'Pol and made their daughter, Elizabeth. This saddens Archer, as Trip and T'Pol had gone to bury their daughter on Vulcan instead of being at the meeting.

Shortly before the burial, Trip tries to hug T'Pol, but she pushes him away and Trip wonders if that was the moment their romantic relationship ended. During the burial, T'Pol laughs, which surprises Trip. He comes over to hug her, and this time she lets him. They hug and cry with each other for a long time, during which T'Pol feels that being around Trip would prevent her from healing properly, and that is why she decided to end their relationship.

Former admiral Valdore is taken from his prison cell, as he was arrested after the failure of the Romulans automated drone-ship program, as the Romulan government needed to hold someone accountable. They need him again, and say they will reinstate his former rank of admiral with the condition that his colleague, who was also arrested for the same reason, will be executed in his place. Valdore argues that if his colleague is executed, he will not work, thus being counter productive. The woman who had him taken from his cell agrees, and a look passes between Valdore and his colleague. Valdore realizes that his colleague has little to lose and would have probably preferred to be executed then go back for decades in his cell. Valdore is given a chance to bathe, eat properly, and change his clothes. He is brought up-to-date with what he missed since being imprisoned. Remembering how the drone-ships were piloted by Aenar, Valdore decides to have several of them kidnapped to start working on more telepresence ships.

Shran, Archer's old Andorian friend/adversary, has been living with the Aenar for 8 months. Although he and another Aenar, Jhamel, are in love, she is getting joined to three other Aenar in a bonding ritual that's common for Aenar and Andorians (Andorians/Aenar have 4 sexes, all of which are needed for procreation) Shortly before they can complete the ritual, however, Orions attack the Aenar settlement, and with the Aenar being pascifists, cannot fight back. One of Jhamel's bondmates, Thrax, runs away in fear, leaving Jhamel and one of her other bondmates alone in the center of the room, the other bondmate having been seperated from Jhamel and the other bondmate. Shran tries to reach Jhamel, but cannot, so he opts to try and fight the Orions since the other Aenar cannot. He ends up killing one and acquiring his weapon and shoots several more. They retreat, but capture many Aenar.

Jake is perplexed by this, as the rest of the Federation were taught that in 2161, after Shran got married to Jhamel, their 5 year old child was kidnapped and that was why Shran left the military and requested Archer's assistance. Nog says that Commander Tucker's 'death' is what Jake should really be concerned about. Jake is incredulous, and asks Nog if he "skipped ahead". Nog says yes, and Jake jokingly says that he doesn't want to know any spoilers. They continue watching.

Archer is preparing for the signing of the Coalition Pact which will happen in 3 weeks, which Trip and T'Pol will attend, and gets a hail from Shran. Shran asks Archer for help in locating the missing Aenar, specifically Jhamel.

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Enterprise crewEdit

Jonathan ArcherTravis MayweatherPhloxPorthosMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoT'PolCharles Tucker III
Referenced only 
BairdSelma GuitierrezNelson KemperDonna O'Neill

other Earth Starfleet and MACO personnelEdit

Sam Gardner
Referenced only 
George CaseyClarkRafael DouglasMaxwell ForrestErika HernandezPalmieri

other HumansEdit

HarrisElena KemperMiguel SalazarJake SiskoAlbert Tucker
Referenced only 
John FordTinh Hoc PhuongBenjamin SiskoJennifer Sisko IIJoseph Sisko

Andorians and AenarEdit

JhamelAvaranthi sh'RothressShranTherasAnlenthoris ch'Vhendreni




Referenced only 


Referenced only 
Azeni KorenaDaxJadzia DaxDiressaVic FontaineOdoRomElizabeth T'Les Tucker


Adigeon PrimeAndoriaEarthNew OrleansRigel XTerrebonne ParishUnroth IIIVulcan
Referenced only 
Adigeon systemAR-558Deep Space 9

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Enterprise (NX-01) (NX-class) • Romulan Bird-of-PreyT'Liss-class Bird-of-PreyRutan-class
Referenced only 
Columbia (NX-02) (NX-class)

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Andorian EmpireAndorian Imperial GuardCoalition CouncilCoalition of PlanetsConfederacy of VulcanEjhoi OrmiinFounderImperial Fleet of the Romulan Star EmpireImperial Senate of the Romulan Star EmpireMACOOrion SyndicatePeople's Republic of CoridanRomulan Star EmpireSection 31United EarthUnited Earth StarfleetUnited Planets of TellarUnited Rigel ColoniesVulcan Council

Other referencesEdit

215523762377alikaugmentBattle of CardassiaChief TechnologistCoalition Compactdaeinos aehallhDominion WarEugenics WarsFirst Consul of the Romulan Star EmpirefvheisnkhaidoaOperation ReturnOrion Syndicate Economic ProtocolsraktajinoShelthrethswordSword of Damocles


  • This is Andy Mangels' & Michael A. Martin's longest book to date with a word count of around 121,000 words and over fifty chapters.
  • An excerpt from this novel was published in issue 131 of the Star Trek Magazine.
  • There is a reference to the events of the DS9 Relaunch, in that Jake and Nog say 2376 was an interesting year, as well as 2377.
  • Numerous species are mentioned that Earth has not encountered yet. Mention is made of a Betazoid wedding and rumors that speak of the Skorr.
  • Section 31 makes reference to their knowledge of the mirror Universe.

Related StoriesEdit

  • ENT episode: Kir'Shara ; Shows the reformation of the Vulcan government after exposing V'Las's ambitions. The book makes reference to loyalists from V'Las's government that Minister T'Pau is attempting to remove.
  • ENT episode: The Aenar ; Introduction of Admiral Valdore and his plot to use telepresence drones to destabilize the Coalition of Planets by using telepathic Aenar to remotely control Romulan ships.
  • ENT episode: Terra Prime ; Reference to Elizabeth T'Les Tucker and the relationship developed between Charles Tucker III and Commander T'Pol.
  • ENT episode: These Are the Voyages... ; Final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise which shows Charles Tucker III dying.


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