The Hunter

The Hunter in 2262.

The Hunter was a alien from an unknown species, from a planet known only as .


When the Hunter returned to his homeworld, he found he had lost everything, including his family, when his homeworld's star was eaten by a creature he called Behemoth, and for centuries he hunted the Behemoth on the cause of ending the creature's spree of terror through the galaxy. In 2262 of the alternate reality, he and his ship were damaged and he sent out a warning that was received by the USS Enterprise. The Hunter was then found aboard his ship by Captain Kirk and his landing party. The Hunter was then tended to by Dr. McCoy. He then showed Kirk and his party a memory share of what happened to his homeworld when its sun went out.

When Behemoth arrived, the Hunter was then taken to the Enterprise and escaped from Behemoth. On board the Enterprise, the Hunter showed interest in the ship's technology particularly the propulsion and defensive capabilities. When Behemoth returned, the Hunter took a shuttle, along with photon torpedoes into Behemoth. The Hunter then activated the self destruct sequence and was killed along with Behemoth. (TOS - Behemoth comics: "Part 1", "Part 2")

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