The immortal later known as Flint survives the destruction of New York in World War III and works over the next decade to help humanity recover up to the point that the Vulcans arrive.



Beta 5 computer (aka Rayna) • Christopher BrynnerZefram CochraneEllisonFlint (aka Lewis Bixby/Jerome Drexel) • Phillip Green
Referenced only 
MaestralMendozaQGary Seven

Starships and vehiclesEdit

ESS Charybdis


BozemanNew York CityLos Angeles
Referenced only 
AntarcticBerlinChicagoDallasDenverIstanbulLondonMadridMexico CityMoscowParisRio de JaneiroRomeTaklamakanTel AvivTorontoWashington, DC

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Eastern CoalitionNew United NationsUnited States of America
Referenced only 
Grand Khanate

Other referencesEdit

Cumberland ActsEbolaInterfaceNomadPioneerSandaranVoyagerWorld War III


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Star Trek: First Contact (Chapters 13-15)
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