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The Klingon Art of War

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Publisher's descriptionEdit

Klingons fight, but they do not merely fight. For Klingons, battle is a dance, a way of living with dignity and purpose. This is central to the concept at the heart of Klingondom: honor.
"The Klingon Art of War" lays out the principles of the Klingon code that animates their entire culture. Each chapter introduces another part of the Klingon ethic and explores the ways it informs Klingon life, behavior, and history. Each chapter also celebrates famous Klingons, warships, and battles, and the role they've played in advancing the Klingon Empire.



B'EntraBudleshJesus ChristGowronKahless the UnforgettableKlagK'RatakKravokhLukaraMartokM'raqMorjodReclawBenjamin SiskoSurakWoktarWorfGiancarlo Wu


Caleb IVForcas IIIDevronGamma EridonHanovraKang's SummitKetha LowlandsKetha ProvinceKlach D'Kel BrachtKrennlaMarcan VPraxisQam-CheeQo'noSQuin'latTy'Gokor

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Cardassian UnionDominionFoundersHoly Order of the KinshayaHouse of MartokKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireOrder of the Bat'lethTyphon Pact

Other referencesEdit

Barge of the Deadbat'lethDahar MasterDominion Warenergy dampening weaponEmperor of the Klingon Empirehegh'batMauk-to'Vormek'lethmevakSto-vo-kor tajtiqtik'lethtova'dokYear of Kahless

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