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The Missing is a 2014 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel by author Una McCormack. The novel takes place after the events of Star Trek: The Fall, with Beverly Crusher's reassignment from the USS Enterprise to Deep Space 9 in Peaceable Kingdoms being depicted.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

Deep Space 9 is once again becoming an important way station in the Alpha Quadrant for many different people with many different agendas. Uniquely crewed by representatives of different species from both the Khitomer Powers and the Typhon Pact, the Federation science and exploration vessel Athene Donald stops at the station as its final port of call before heading into uncharted territories. The whole project is the brainchild of Dr. Katherine Pulaski, who hopes that science will do what diplomacy alone cannot, and help various powers put aside the tensions of recent years, returning to scientific research and the exploration of space
On DS9, base commander Ro Laren has her hands full with the sudden arrival of a ragtag flotilla of small ships crewed by a group calling themselves the People of the Open Sky. Ro is not keen on handling this first-contact duty, but becomes increasingly intrigued by the People, who are made up of several hitherto unknown species. Describing themselves as explorers, they are interested in everything about the station. Ro begins to enjoy her assignment, particularly as she takes counsel from the logs of Jean-Luc Picard. Blackmer, however, is more suspicious about these apparently friendly arrivals and monitors their movements around DS9...



AiloiTey AoiPeter AldenJefferson BlackmerBrookingCorazameBeverly CrusherDelkaElim GarakIoileIoemiKala MorioMetiger Ter Yai-AMiles O'BrienOdoOioliMhevita Pa'DanTerek Pa'DanKatherine PulaskiQuarkRo LarenTanjMaurita TanjVarisVeelak
Referenced only 
AlizomeNanietta BaccoJulian BashirDataAthene DonaldSkrain DukatNeta Efheny/MayazanAlex GardnerKorzentenMora PolMervyn PeakeJean-Luc PicardRene PicardRomTora Ziyal


Alpha QuadrantDeep Space 9HubPlazaQuark's
Referenced only 
Ab-TzenkethBajor (AshallaTrishella) • Cardassia Prime (Cemet) • Deep Space 9Earth (London) • FerenginarRomulan FrontRomulusRoyal Moon


Athene Donald (Olympic-class) • Chain shipunnamed People of the Open Sky ships
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • Prophet's Tear (freighter)

Races and culturesEdit

BajoranCardassianChain speciesChangelingFerengiHumanRomulanTrillTzenkethi
Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Cardassian Central CommandCardassian Second OrderCardassian UnionChainFederation CouncilFerengi AllianceKlingon EmpirePeople of the Open SkyRepatriation CommitteeRosalind Franklin Institute for Biomedical ResearchStarfleetStarfleet IntelligenceTyphon PactTzenkethi CoalitionUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Department of the OutsideDominionObsidian OrderStarfleet Command

Other referencesEdit

Ap-RejAutarch of the Tzenkethi Coalitioncaptaincaptain's personal log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)chiefcolonelcommanderdabodocking bayDominion WarThe Duchess of MalfiDukat's Draftfirst contactGormenghastGreat Material ContinuumHippieInfinite Diversity in Infinite CombinationsKhitomer Accordslieutenantlieutenant commandermajormissiveOccupation of BajorPrime DirectiveShape of the UnionShedai meta-genometranswarp beamingvedek


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