An alien form invades the Enterprise through Spock's mind!


Captain's log, stardate 21:06.7 - The Enterprise was cruising through Galaxy Telpha Z... expedition operations were normal... until Mr. Spock's red alert button flashed in main control...

Spock has discovered a planet that rapidly changes its chemistry. He also detects traces of tiantianium on the planet. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Johnson beam down to the surface, where an upheaval unearths the ruins of an ancient civilization. Strange lights emerge from the ruins and attack the landing party. Phasers are ineffective against them, but they retreat anyway, and after swirling around Spock, they vanish.

Spock tells Kirk that he has calculated a way to extract the tiantianium ore, but it requires returning the planet's chemistry to its original state. He requests special materials from the Enterprise and begins constructing an unknown device, but is strangely unwilling to discuss the details of his plan. He is actually being mentally influenced by the lights, which are the native Metamorphans; they were transformed into energy beings centuries ago and want to use the device to return to their original forms.

The device succeeds, and the Metamorphans become physical again. In gratitude, the Metamorphan spokesman, Zarman, allows the Enterprise crew to extract two hundred pounds of tiantianium ore. However, one Metamorphan, Textra, has stayed in Spock's mind, seeking escape, knowledge, and adventure. Spock refuses to allow this to happen, but Textra prevents him from informing the others of his presence. Spock is placed in sickbay, but he leaves and uses the transporter to to destabilize his body, leaving Textra with nothing to possess. Afterwards, he tells Kirk and McCoy what happened.



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