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This article is a stub relating to a canon episode. You can help our database by expanding on it.



ArridorBhavaniBeverly CrusherWesley CrusherDataDiana GiddingsGossKolGeordi La ForgeLeyorMartinezSeth MendozaMiles O'BrienJean-Luc PicardDevinoni RalWilliam T. RikerRojayDeanna TroiWorf, son of Mogh
Referenced only 
Jack CrusherLwaxana Troi

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Barzan Explorer (Na'Far-class) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • Goss's Ferengi Marauder (D'Kora-class) • Ley (type-15 shuttlepod)


Alpha QuadrantBarzan IIBarzan wormholeDelta QuadrantSector 3556
Referenced only 
BrusselsCaldoniaChrysaliaDenkiri ArmEarthEuropean AllianceGamma QuadrantHurkos IIIManitoba

Races and culturesEdit

BarzanBetazoidCaldonianChrysalianFerengiHumanKlingonSoong-type android
Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Barzanian Planetary RepublicUnited Federation of Planets


accretion diskallergyBarzan probebloodcarbonchairchampagnechocolatechocolate sundaecontractCounselorCounselor's officeempathicethicsevent horizonexercise roomFederation creditfeegoldhistamineice cream • "lemon" • leptonmain shuttlebayManitoba Journal of Interplanetary Psychologymarathonmesonmilemissilemissile launchernegotiatorpokerPremierpyrocyteradiationsyringethree-dimensional chessthrustertrillium 323VISORwhipped creamwormholeYuri vector field control


Related storiesEdit


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The Enemy
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The Vengeance Factor
Previous episode:
The Enemy
TNG episode aired Next episode:
The Vengeance Factor
chronological order
Previous Adventure:
The Enemy
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