"The Price of Knowledge" was an article written by Doctor Eunice Shupman in the late 23rd century.

It discussed the difficulties involved in studying Orion history, due to the lack of objectivity, commonplace exaggeration and falsification and gaps in the historical record from disaster or deliberation destruction. It listed the problems of gaining access to historical information, by finding the right officials and applying bribes, dealing with bureaucracy and then making hasty research before access was withdrawn, and verifying that it wasn't forged. It mentioned the mysteries of advanced Orion technology and described the continuing efforts of historians to decipher their history, despite Orion efforts to hide it.

It referenced Title to the Truth: Orion Historiography and Its Ownership by Dvoriv B'bargalah and Swindle! The Sale of Fraudulent Science by E. B. Murray (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge).

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