The PsychoCrystals was a comic book story published by Gold Key Comics in 1975. In this story, a landing party from the USS Enterprise discovered a world of telepathic crystalline lifeforms.

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The PsychoCrystals—they glitter with death!


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Alpha 23-C presidentIzorJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpock
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Albert EinsteinIsaac Newton

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USS Enterprise (Constitution-class)


Alpha 23-CSector 179
Referenced only 
Flaming Lakes of OrionJupiter Colony 5

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Alpha 23-C nativeHumanVulcan

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bacteriacarboncommunicatorlaserlightmineralnarco-pelletnitrogenoxygenperiscopepropulsionspearspectral analysissulfuric acidtopographical surveytransporter

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20th centurybookcaptain's logcitycommunicatorcondorcrystaldeath penaltydragoneaglefiregeometryharphighlanderhorselibrarymusicparadisepoetsciencesecret agentslourdawitch




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  • "The PsychoCrystals" was collected in Dynabrite, Issue 11358, along with "A Bomb In Time".
  • Although eschewing technology, the Alpha 23-C natives had periscopes to observe surface activity.
  • At least three crystalline species were seen on the planet: The bipedal natives, dogs, and the dragon.
  • It was unclear how these lifeforms printed books without the use of technology, unless they were handwritten books
  • When Scott saw the crystal dragon, he remarked, “St. George never saw the likes of a dragon like that.” He was referring to the legend of “Saint George and the Dragon,” a saint who slayed a dragon and saved a princess.

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