"The Q Gambit, Part 5" was the 39th issue of IDW Publishing's 2011 ongoing series of Star Trek comics, written by Mike Johnson. This was the fifth of six parts in The Q Gambit story arc, illustrated by Tony Shasteen.


The extra dimensional trickster known as Q has thrown Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise decades into the future of their timeline. In this era, the armies of the Dominion have assumed control of most of the Alpha Quadrant, including Earth. A small band of rebels resists Dominion control, but all will be lost if the mad Cardassian Dukat's ultimate scheme succeeds...

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QJames T. KirkBenjamin SiskoMiles O'BrienKeiko O'BrienOdoJake SiskoJadzia DaxDukatKira NerysSpockLeonard McCoyNyota UhuraPavel ChekovHikaru SuluZahra

Starships and VehiclesEdit

USS EnterpriseUSS Defiant

Location Edit

Terok NorParadiseBajoran wormhole

Races & culturesEdit

Q ContinuumProphetsPah-wraithJem'HadarHumanChangelingTrillCardassianVortaVulcanBajoran

States and OrganizationsEdit


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