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Back Cover Text: Ever since the fall of the Thallonian Empire, Si Cwan has been searching for his younger sister, the only other survivor of the royal family. His quest has been a hard one, filled with many disappointments, but now it may be nearing its end....

On the planet Montos, a mysterious young woman, whose past is shrouded in secrecy, finds herself pursued by both the fanatical Redeemers and a vicious race of feral predators known only as the Dogs of War. All are in search of information regarding the true nature and location of the Quiet Place, a mystical realm celebrated in myth and legend. Only this same woman, now called Riella, may hold the secret of the Quiet Place, a secret that the Redeemers and others will kill to possess.

Is Riella indeed Si Cwan's long-lost sister? Before he can learn the truth, he and his crewmates must brave the unchecked savagery of the Dogs of War -- and enter the terrifying heart of the Quiet Place.




Kallinda CwanSi CwanZak KebronRiellaSoletaXyon of Calhoun

Starships and vehiclesEdit


MontosQuiet Place

Races and culturesEdit

Dogs of WarRedeemer

States and organizationsEdit

Thallonian Empire

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  • This novel focuses almost entirely on the five characters depicted on the cover: Si Cwan, Soleta, Zak Kebron, Xyon, and Riella/Kallinda Cwan
  • Though Xyon's conception was narrated in Martyr, he makes his first appearence in this novel

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