For other uses, see The Romulan War.

The Romulan War was an RPG reference book released for FASA Corporation's Star Trek role-playing game.

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Starships and vehiclesEdit

Earth and allied shipsEdit

ArrowAssistCavalryCosmosDegbaxisDjartannaDoppler (scout)EdisonGalliantG'buqoffHopkinsHorizonLiberty (picket cruiser)LongMarshallMercury (scout)MessierTaholsinTanathooefThofsinToj Lol-classVerneVanguard (starship)ZeusZoenamy-class corvettes (USS Runemark)

Romulan shipsEdit

Alocala-class (gunboat) • Klivai Vang'radai-class (gunboat) • Morlasam Cl'vangas-class (cruiser) • Re'ravsam-class (gunboat) • Stelai'deletham-class (cruiser) • S'ten Talasam-class (freighter) • Takaan-class (escort) • Vas'maklaram-class (cruiser) • Vas'rosvlai-class (cruiser) • Vastagor Vastarum-class (cruiser) • Vastari Sanalam-class (cruiser)


Canis Minoris systemCanis Minoris XIICentauri Test RangePluto

Races and culturesEdit

States and organizationsEdit

Confederated Martian Colonies

Companies and businessesEdit

Amalgamated StarshipsShuvinaaljis Warp Technologies, Inc

Technology and weaponsEdit

Stelai Latasasz-class (orbital border outpost)


Battle of PrantaresVulcan historyYears of Chaos

Other referencesEdit

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