The Song of the Sun was a poem that was known to the Romulan species.

A particularly long stanze from it read:

"I am They; I am the light of their shining
save by me, how shall you see and behold
How shall anything else be seen
save by the light of Their burning?
How shall the shapes of things be known
except that Truth burning give light thereto:
how shall reality be disclosed
without Them burning Themselves away?
Fused, the atom dies, yet by its dying we see,
Day by day, as the light
boils up from the depths of the starheart:
if the Elements for your sake
so burn themselves to nothing,
how much more you for each other?
How are you less than They?

Tr'Anierh was a table that had an inscription from this stanza from the Song of the Sun. (TOS novel: Swordhunt)

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