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Captain's log... stardate 6134.6 : The mysterious... time slow-down we're experiencing has affected... not only every crew member on board... but all the Enterprise's instruments and computer banks... it's as if... time itself were winding down... and us with it...
Captain's log, supplemental : Konrac and Klee were sincere. Their entire race was counting on them to wipe out the menace that had held their culture locked in a standstill for centuries. And now they had the help of a starship!
Captain's log... stardate 6453.2. After using a long-range tractor beam to pull the Gola behind us for several days, we finally released it moments ago... as we orbited the star sun Spock's calculations had pinpointed as the parent. All of us watched the screen in eager anticipation...



Pavel ChekovGolaJames T. KirkKleeKonracLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhura

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USS Enterprise


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battle-axebridgecomputerenergy fieldintercomkilometerlight-yearmagicphaserphoton torpedosensorshieldssickbaystartimetractor beamtransportertransporter roomwarp engineVulcan nerve pinchwarship


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