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In order to give Commander William Riker more command experience, Captain Picard hands control of the USS Enterprise-D to Riker for a mission. The Enterprise crew explores the mysteries of a star system, including a mineral known as transinium, and its relation to a terrorist attack.



William RikerDataDeanna TroiBeverly CrusherGeordi LaForgeWorfDenningKuhrratMyynagiJean-Luc PicardTarkenRobert VeluraPamela JansenAlfred ParksFarooqFred Smith


USS EnterpriseFerengi trading vessel
Referenced only 
Klingon patrol cruiser

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Starfleet Command
Referenced only 
Universal Mining Company

Science and technologyEdit

photon torpedophaserwarp driveimpulse drivetransiniumcyberneticshyposprayVISOR

Other referencesEdit




  • Star Trek The Next Generation: The Transinium Challenge features the likenesses of most of the cast of the television show upon which the game is based.
  • Based on elements of the story, the mission takes place between the episodes The Neutral Zone and The Child.



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