The traveler nomad

The Traveler

The Traveler, also known as Nomad, was a tall humanoid male with pale yellow skin.

He was a native of a paradise planet whose people had embraced leisure to the extent that they stagnated, losing all ambition to improve. The Traveler, wanting more out of life, explored the universe for centuries, searching for the answers to the many questions of life. He witnessed new-born races struggle for survival, spent time with stellar mystics, and encountered civilizations that were old before the Sol system had formed. He even learned a teleportation technique from the Organians.

Having grown weary of his journeys, the Traveler decided to return home, and in 2265 he hijacked the USS Enterprise as he did not have the energy to travel home by himself. After explaining his origins to the Enterprise crew, the starship arrived at his planet. Accompanied by James T. Kirk, Spock and Doctor Leonard McCoy, the Traveler discovered his world to be in ruins and his people conquered by his brother Niklon. He then worked with the Enterprise landing party to overthrow his brother and free his people. (TOS comic: "Dark Traveler")

This being has no known relation to the Traveler.

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