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The Trial of Captain Kirk was a comic book story published by Gold Key Comics in 1974. In this story, Kirk was charged with accepting bribes from outlaws who were illegally mining a rich asteroid field.

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Cover blurb:
Sky pirates raid the stars — and Captain Kirk is charged with treason!


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Liji Bragg

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USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • Bandit asteroid ship


System C-71 (Ferrous-Asteroid BeltCamel asteroidKibo/Ndora) • Earth (Starfleet HeadquartersSupreme Council Hallhotelcity of San FranciscoGovernment HouseN-J Film Effects Studio)
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FederationFederation Supreme CouncilStarfleetDrid Intersteller News

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The Trial of Captain Kirk



  • Although the location of Starfleet Headquarters was not spelled out in the story, and the city was just referred to as the “city,” it was in San Francisco on Earth.
  • Published in 1974, this story was noteworthy for being the first time a Star Trek story was set on Earth in the 23rd century. Previously, 23rd-century Earth had been seen in the illusory visit to Mojave experienced by Christopher Pike in TOS episode: "The Cage", four panels of TOS comic: "The Voodoo Planet" written in 1970, and eight panels set in a Starfleet command center in TOS comic: "UK comic strips, fifteenth story arc" written in 1970. Two Gold Key Comics written in 1976, TOS comics: "Prophet of Peace", "Furlough to Fury", were also set on Earth.
  • System C-71 couldn’t be that far from Earth, since the Enterprise traveled there and back twice during the story.
  • Janice Rand appeared prominently in one panel without dialogue as crewmen Xana and Krad reflected on orders to relax, and Pavel Chekov watched in the background. Nyota Uhura was visible on the bridge in one panel, but also had no dialogue.
  • Kirk reported his initial encounter with the pirates to Commander Dar at an unnamed location, perhaps a command base in System C-71 on one of the inner planets in the system.
  • The bandit asteroid ship had chemically-propelled engines and did not have warp drive, which helped clarify the setting for that part of the story. While evading the Enterprise, the asteroid ship departed the asteroid belt in system C-71 and shot a missile at the first planet it came to, probably the next outward planet in the system, Kibo, the fifth planet. Then the asteroid belt was mostly likely located in between the orbits of the fourth and fifth planets.
  • The cover spoiled the twist ending, revealing the person behind the conspiracy.
  • Kirk quoted Alfred Tennyson when he said “Ours not to reason why…” It was from the poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” written in 1854.
  • The miners' missile was tracked to the planet Kibo, an irradiated world which required deploying avatar cerebots. Once the cerebots got to the surface, the planet was thereafter named Ndora.
  • The cerebots contained duplicates of the brain patterns of Spock and McCoy. It was unknown how long these cerebots could function, or what happened to them once Spock and McCoy woke up.
  • The authority to call hearings and courts martial belonged to Starfleet, requiring a board of three officers of flag rank, as specified in TOS episodes: "Court Martial", "The Menagerie". The ruling authority in this story was named the Federation Supreme Council, led by a chairman and two vice-chairmen, which sounded like a political authority which ordinarily ought to have been outside or above that of Starfleet. On the other hand, the chairmen wore blue Starfleet uniforms, making it unclear whether they were Starfleet admirals (how they looked and acted) or Federation politicians (how they were named).
  • Kirk’s Dridian alias when undercover was “Bexel Redexa.”
  • During his investigation, Kirk used a video editor capable of electronically merging and masking video, presaging the development of consumer video editing software such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.
  • Spock said he and Kirk were blood brothers.
  • Kirk’s skin was made malleable as clay so that he could go undercover. But while disguised he looked like himself with a wig, and he even wore the same shirt color, perhaps so young readers could tell who he was.

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