Data was destroyed while saving the lives of his crew members. But he sent a data stream containing all that he was into B4, a prototype created by Doctor Noonien Soong. Now that B4 was showing signs of the old Data, it is up to Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Geordi La Forge to shape him as he was before.

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LalProsperoWilliam T. RikerMontgomery ScottNoonien SoongDeanna Troi

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USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • USS Stargazer • (Constellation-class)


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captaincommissionThe Complete Works of ShakespearecymbalDixieland JazzdoctorEarl Greyengineerfirst officerFrère JacquesGilbert and SullivanholodeckKlingon operaThe Mikadoneural pathwayocular implantnumber onepianopositronic brainprototypestardatetromboneVISOR




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