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You may being looking for The Void, a region of space with the same name.
Voyager void

The USS Voyager in the Void.

The Void was a region of space in the Delta Quadrant, perhaps 9 light-years across, which was shielded off from the rest of the galaxy by a subspace barrier. The void was (seemingly) entirely empty.

Matter was sucked into the void periodically by vortexes which opened and closed sporadically. Many spacecraft were engulfed in such a way, and were fored to live in the void, having no way to escape.

All the inhabitants of the Void became accustomed to preying on each other-- and on new arrivals to the Void-- to survive.

The USS Voyager was sucked into the void in 2377, and, before it could make its escape, Captain Kathryn Janeway began an alliance with other inhabitants of the void; together, the alliance was able to escape. (VOY episode: "The Void")

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