Voodoo from across space it makes its deadly mark on Earth!


Captain's log, stardate 24:17.9 - This day in our exploration of deep space, something of significance was detected..."

The Enterprise discovers a planet which looks exactly like Earth. Kirk and Spock beam down near the Eiffel Tower, where they discover that the city is apparently uninhabited and the tower is made of papier-mâché. A laser ray strikes the tower, causing it to topple onto nearby buildings, and a voice welcomes them to its private world. Back on the Enterprise, Sulu reports that the real Eiffel Tower on the real Earth has also collapsed... at the exact same time that the fake one did. McCoy and Spock note the similarities to voodoo, and Kirk realizes that Earth is in danger.

After the Colosseum is also destroyed, the Enterprise tracks the source of the laser to a planet behind a cloud of space trash. They discover humanoid natives throwing spears into Human dolls, and a man wearing a robe and hood who is destroying the Sphinx. Kirk and Spock try to catch him, but are stopped by natives sticking pins into voodoo dolls resembling them. They are caged by the hooded man, who is revealed as Count Dressler, the mad ruler of a tiny kingdom on Earth who fled after his plan to take over the world was defeated. After learning the secrets of the people of the "voodoo planet," he now intends to hold the Starfleet officers hostage and use voodoo to wreak destruction on Earth unless his demand for amnesty is met.

McCoy frees Kirk and Spock, and they return to the Enterprise. The voodoo dolls are used on them again, but McCoy injects them with painkillers. Kirk and Spock research Vulcan occult history and learn of the Pain Casters, a clan who used rituals similar to voodoo. They undergo the ritual, becoming immune to Dressler's voodoo. They return to the planet, destroy the laser ray and capture Dressler, intending to punish him by leaving him on an uninhabited planet (implied to be the imitation Earth he created).



DresslerJames T. KirkLeonard McCoySpockHikaru Sulu
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USS Enterprise (Constitution-class)


a papier-mâché copy of Earthvoodoo planet
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Earth (ColosseumEgyptEiffel TowerGreat SphinxLeaning Tower of PisaParisRome)

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Pain CastersUnited Federation of Planets

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counthydrogen bomblasermonoclepapier-mâchéproton bombspearvoodoo



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