The Warden was a male Hologram that was developed by the early 25th century. It was programmed to be the commander of the Facility 4028 prison that was being maintained by the United Federation of Planets. This prison was staffed largely by photonic based personnel that included guards with the Warden being charged with its management. Amongst the inmates, some of them were only capable of being visited with express permission by the Warden. He was not provided a name unlike the Emergency Medical Hologram though remarked that ironically the prison's computer system was called I.S.I.S.

In 2409, a Starfleet officer was dispatched to Facility 4028 in order to consult with the Female Changeling in order to enlist her aid in stopping the rampage of Kar'ukan along with his time displaced Jem'hadar forces. Upon arriving at the prison asteroid, the Warden denied the Vorta Eraun transport to the facility. Initially, the Warden also believed that the Starfleet officer was the one he had requested to speak to Amar Singh. Once informed of the desire to meet with the captured Founder, the Warden asked the officer to meet with the Augment Singh whilst he confirmed the orders.

Afterwards, the Warden confirmed the orders and allowed the Founder to be freed from imprisonment. The hologram remarked that it was a shame to lose Facility 4028's oldest inmate but commented that she revealed little information since her incarceration. This photonic supervisor was later knocked off-line when Kar'ukan revolted and knocked I.S.I.S. offline which deactivated all the holograms as well as led to a riot amongst the prisoners. The Warden was later reactivated when the primary core for I.S.I.S. was brought back online. (STO mission: "Facility 4028")

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