Thescelosaurus was a species of dinosaur indigenous to planet Earth millions of years ago during the Cretaceous period.

Adult Thescelosaurs had yellowish skin and measured an average of 3.65 meters long. They had long necks and tails, small forearms, and rectangular faces with a beak-like mouth. Thescelosaurs were social animals and moved in groups, sometimes numbering into the hundreds. (TOS novel: First Frontier)



Earth dinosaurs and pterosaurs
Genus and species AlamosaurusAnatotitanAnkylosaurusApatosaurusBrontosaurusDeinonychusPachycephalosaurPentaceratopsPterodactylStegosaurusThescelosaurusTorosaurusTriceratopsTroodonTyrannosaurus rexUtahraptorVelociraptor
Order and family archosaurbrachiosaurceratopsiddromaeosaurhadrosaurornithischiapterosaursauropodtheropodtitanosaur

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