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This article is a stub relating to a canon episode. You can help our database by expanding on it.



Artificial IntelligenceAyalaBevvoxChakotayThe DoctorFennimKathryn JanewayHarry KimKurrosNeelixTom ParisSaowinSeven of NineSullinB'Elanna TorresTuvokY'Sek

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Hazari shuttleHazari vesselshuttlecraftThink Tank vesselUSS Voyager
Referenced only 
Borg SphereSaowin's shuttle


astrometricsbridgeDelta Quadrantthe galaxymess hallready roomshuttlebay
Referenced only 
Rivos VSaowin's planetZai Cluster

Races and culturesEdit

Fennim's speciesHazariHuman (Olmec) • Saowin's speciesTalaxianVulcan
Referenced only 
AlkianBara PlenumBorgDevoreLyridianMalonMotaliVidiian

States and organizationsEdit

Motali EmpireThink Tank

Other referencesEdit

2358artificial intelligenceassimilationberniciumbionetic implantbioplasmic lifeformbluffbounty huntercaptaincarrier wavecaffeinechadre'kabcoffeecommandercortical implantdeflector arraydilithiumduraniumearthquakeeconomicsensignexosociologyforensicsfractal regressionfractal sculpturegeodegeo-stabilitygigatongigawatthumanoidhyposprayimpulse engineintruder alertisomorphic projectionjackalkilometerlevel-12 seismic eventlieutenantlieutenant commandermetreon gasmind meldmonthmultispatial probeneural transceiverneutroniumnon-interference protocoloreparadoxPhagephase-variant frequencyphaserphaser bankplanetary containment fieldplanetoidPrime Directivepsychologyquadrantquantum mechanicsquantum slipstream drivered alertred giantreplicatorresonance waverubidiumsecondsectorsecuritysheer lunacyshieldsshield generatorshield harmonicsspatial chargestellar clustersubspacesubspace cloaking devicesubspace fluxsubspace mesomorphsubspatial chargetemporal physicstractor beamtransgalactic star chartuniversal translatoryo-yozoth-nut soup


External LinkEdit

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