Thirty Outcasts is an ancient play that is famous in the Tarn Empire. It told the tale of a Tarn lord who had been dishonored by a courtier at the Imperial Palace. The lord had failed to gain revenge when he had attacked the courtier in front of the Emperor and was forced to commit suicide. His circle of warriors were outcast and wandered for years. They were placed under an Imperial Injunction not to seek revenge. Yet there was a higher calling. After twelve long years of waiting, the courtier had returned to the Imperial Palace to receive an award. The Thirty had infiltrated the palace, disguised as Holy Ones. And in the middle of the ceremony they fell upon the courtier and killed him. They them turned their knives upon themselves in atonement for breaking the Imperial law. Thus, honor was restored in all ways.

Commander Harna Karish thought of the play in 2367 when he was inspecting the airplanes developed by the broken circle on Torgu-Va. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)

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