Thomas Hadley was a youthful-looking human with freckles, an engineer in the Federation Starfleet as an officer assigned to the USS Enterprise in the 23rd century.


Ensign Hadley brought an assistant engineering droid with him on a landing party mission to investigate a large derelict spacecraft in the Epsilon Anubis system. Hadley’s task was to find a way to restart at least one of the derelict’s engines before radiation exposure from a neutron star killed everyone aboard. Proceeding with advice over the comm from Montgomery Scott, Hadley checked fusion combustion chambers in the engines to find one which might be repaired. His work was cut short when he was captured by the derelict’s inhabitants. Eventually the remaining functional engine was restarted and the people were saved. (TOS comic: "The Savage Within")

Hadley once lamented being bored to Scotty in the engine room, then had non-stop work once a Klingon battlecruiser arrived. (TOS comic: "Quarantine")


Hadley and the droid in the derelict

Hadley earned a promotion from ensign to lieutenant in the year 2274.

As a lieutenant, Hadley worked with Scotty, Mike Carpenter and Bebebebeque engineers to reconfigure the main transporter controls. As they completed their work, Hadley and Scotty ran to the mess hall to help break up a fight. When a Kzinti warship fired on the Enterprise, Hadley realized that the artificial gravity generators had been affected, building up a charge that couldn’t be dissipated, and they blew. Later, when Carpenter showed up late for an assignment, Hadley said he would write him up for insubordination once Carpenter reported to Scotty. Carpenter had been smuggling a volatile compound. (TOS comic: "The Wristwatch Plantation")



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