Thur chim Gliv was a male Tellarite engineer in Starfleet the 24th century.

At a young age, he discovered the films of Groucho Marx. He became a fan of Human comedy, and when he entered Starfleet Academy, his human classmates introduced him to the full array. Unfortunately, he had little success in using humor himself. Following graduation, Ensign Gliv was assigned to Luna, in order to repair and upgrade the 21st century atmospheric domes there. After eighteen months in this post, in early 2381, he was recruited by Director Barash of the Federation Displaced Persons Agency for a fact-finding mission to the iy'Dewra'ni refugee camp on Pacifica in 2381. As the sole engineer, Gliv was responsible for much of the repair and improvement work needing to be done around the camp. (TNG novel: Losing the Peace)

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