Starfleet finds an ancient version of the Defiant near Earth, prompting fears of the Furies using the Bajoran wormhole to invade the Alpha Quadrant again.


Millennia ago, an apocalyptic battle was fought in the Alpha Quadrant. The losers were banished, but what became of the victors?
The Federation is threatened by this ancient mystery when a battered and broken version of the Defiant is found, frozen for five thousand years, in an icy cloud of cometary debris. Captain Sisko and the crew of Deep Space Nine are summoned to answer the most baffling question of their lives: how and when will their ship be catapulted back through time to its destruction? And does its ancient death mean that one of the combatants in a primordial battle is poised now to storm the Alpha Quadrant? Only the wormhole holds the answer -- and the future of the Federation itself may depend on the secrets it conceals.


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Julian BashirJadzia DaxMichael EddingtonFernandezGerjuoyGoldmanJudith HaymanHovanKaddo'BorawnKira NerysKirschbaumMaileManan'AgarAlynna NechayevNesMiles O'BrienOdoPak DorrenHeather PetersenPritzP'selQuarkRomHajime ShojiBenjamin SiskoT'KrengWinn AdamiYevlin Meris
Referenced only 
Curzon DaxJoran DaxTorias DaxElim GarakNogKeiko O'BrienMolly O'BrienJean-Luc PicardRegitzShakaar EdonJake SiskoJennifer SiskoSolvikStelSterchak


Alpha QuadrantBajorBajoran wormholeDeep Space 9Operations centerOort cloudStarbase 1Gamma Quadrant
Referenced only 
AndorBadlandsBrin PlanetariumBrundage StationCochrane MemorialEarthFuries PointKotar killing fieldOkana shipyardOrganiaPluto LaGrangian coloniesQo'noSRigel sectorSolTerok NorTrillVeska ProvinceVulcan

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Breedlove (Galaxy-class) • Corsair-classUSS Defiant (Defiant-class) • Jem'Hadar fighterKronos-classUSS Mukaikubo (Galaxy-class) • USS Platte (Danube-class) • USS Rio Grande (Danube-class) • Sreba (Vulcan science vessel) • Vinca-class
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise-DUSS Saratoga

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Bajoran MilitiaDominionStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan Science Academy
Referenced only 
Bajoran Trade CommissionFoundersMaquisObsidian OrderShakaar resistance cellStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Command

Other referencesEdit

ansible technologyantennaantigenArgelian mocha sorbetartificial wormholeBilly the Brontosaurboromine citrateB'stellacarapacecerebral cortexChaat juiceChfera stewchocolateClass 5 sector emergencycloaking deviceconference roomcouscousdabodeath icondeep space stationdefense saildéjà vudiazradoldifluorinedilithiumdilithium crystalduraniumElasian cloud appleFusion bombEmissary of the Prophetsengineering tricorderEnglish languageEuthanasiaevent horizonFerengi languageFerengi Rules of AcquisitionGhiachan brandyGrakh'rahadHaslev-Rahn diseasehematiteHonored Professorhydrogen bombironisoboramineJem'Hadar stationJil-birdJournal of Quantum MedicineKaiK'fken probeKlingoneselatinumMactru feverMitochondrial DNAmenorahnickelNobel PrizeOccupation of Bajorosteodermal regeneratorPedone's Law of Imaginary Energy Usagepharaohphaser bankphoton torpedoplutoniumportable replicatorPriority 1quantum chronodynamicsquantum torpedoraktajinoredfruitrefitRehk'resenRigellian chocolaterritiumShesh casteshore leavespace stationspringballSubspace Physical Reviewstactical plasma warheadTartha poxtemporal displacementThermal diffuserthermonuclear bombtinnitistongotransparent aluminumtritiumTrojan horseuniversal translatorVegan choriomeningitisvertigoviroidvolewormholeXenobiologyZee-Magnees Prize


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Related storiesEdit

  • After the crew discover a Jem'Hadar creche, Sisko recalls Quark finding the Jem'Hadar youth in "The Abandoned".

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