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Will RikerBeverly CrusherWorfDataDeanna TroiGeordi La ForgeJean-Luc Picard • unknown operations ensign • unknown Romulan • unknown Romulan • unknown command crewmember • unknown Romulan • unknown tactical crewmember • unknown medical/science crewmember • unknown engineer crewmember • unknown security/engineer crewmember • unknown security/engineer crewmember • unknown security/engineer crewmember • unknown science/medical crewmember • unknown security crewmember • unknown security ensign • unknown medical crewmember • unknown medical crewmember • unknown Romulan • quantum singularity being • unknown security ensign • unknown security crewmember • unknown Romulan • unknown Romulan • unknown Romulan • unknown engineering crewmember • unknown engineer/security crewmember • unknown Romulan • unknown Romulan • quantum singularity being • unknown Romulan • unknown Romulan • unknown engineer ensign

Referenced only 
SpotDr. MizanProfessor WagnerDr. Vassbinder



USS Enterprise-DrunaboutRomulan warbirdengine room


bridgesickbaytransporter room three • main engineeringJefferies tube

Referenced only 
Devidia IIbridgeNeutral Zone


humanRomulan • quantum singularity being • BetazoidKlingon

Referenced only 

States and OrganisationsEdit

Referenced only 
StarfleetRomulan Star EmpireFederation


Parrises squaresyearWorf's calisthenic programlong-range sensorslife supportautomatic helm controlempaththesisinterspecies mating ritualsempirical researchcounselorphylobiologyseminarmemory recordphysiognomyworkshoplecturedissertationionizationwarp nacellespsychologyhypnoticplasma fieldsymposiumwarp energybathenergybio-scansbiologicalchronometerdiagnostictimeattitude controlantimatter podplasma conversion sensorfuel consumption logfruitbowlhull integritythrustersspace-time continuumimpulsesubspace fieldcloaking devicephase discriminatorsubspace force fieldemergency transporter armbandsubspace emitterstricorderequilibriumphaserdisruptorcaptainwarp core breachwarp coreflash pointcloudvisual detection thresholddeep sea diversnitrogen narcosistemporal narcosispower utilization monitorevacuation alertartificial quantum singularitytemporal fragmentationtricorder emissionsneural shocktemporal fluxbioelectrica patternstemporal aperturecellular clustersmitosisgravity wellblack holenestdelta-bandphaser arraynumber onepotrotation schedulespersonnel assignmentsdepartment headsbridge shiftboilsaphorismwaterkettlewhistling

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