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Tinh Hoc Phuong was a Section 31 operative of Vietnamese descent. Before serving Section 31, Phuong served as an ambassador for United Earth.

In 2155, Phuong was sent on a mission into Romulan space with Commander Charles Tucker III in order to sabotage a Romulan warp seven development project. The first part of the mission was to head for Adigeon Prime in his aging Rutan-class ship Branson so that he and Tucker could undergo cosmetic surgery and take on the appearance and identity of Romulans.

Once the surgery was completed, he and Tucker entered Romulan space and headed for Rator II, where they infiltrated a Romulan terrorist group called the Ejhoi Ormiin, that were supposedly sympathetic to Earth and her allies. After discovering the truth about the Ejohi Ormiin, that they were no better than the Romulan leadership, Phuong attempted to get himself, Trip, and the Romulan scientist Ehrehin to safety. Phuong was murdered by the group's leader, Ch'uihv, who in reality was the Vulcan-Romulan double agent Sopek. (ENT novel: The Good That Men Do)

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