Title to the Truth: Orion Historiography and Its Ownership was written by Dvoriv B'bargalah, a Tellarite historian.

It discussed Orion history, including the invention and alteration of legends surrounding Nallin the Unconquerable. It described how powerful Orion families copied legends about their ancestors' adventures with Nallin from older, extinct families.

For a bibliography, it was said to be hilarious, and went through at least three complete revisions.

It was published in Hurutam, Tellar, by The Brightness Press, on reference stardate 2/09 (c. 2268), and was translated by Milo Thistlethwaite.

Doctor Eunice Shupman's "The Price of Knowledge" referenced Title to the Truth (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge).

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