Tzenketh map

Tzenketh map.

Tnectish is a continent that is part of the geography of the planet Tzenketh. Tnectish was the location of the ascension of the Tzenkethi civilization and is the location of their world's capital at Tzenkurh, as well as the city of Tfenpthi'su.

This continent's features include the Tzu'Nar and Vhra'nek Mountains. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

the planet Tzenketh
cities and settlements KaralnLeroanTfenpthi'suTzenkurhTurozZar'tz
geography Chasm of IortzCrown Sea Ice CapDrogcha MountainsFru'anth Sea Ice CapIortakh MountainsLuorn MountainsTfenpthi MountainsTnectish continent (Tzu'Nar MountainsVhra'nek Mountains) • Zhorgka Mountains
bodies of water Crown SeaFru'anth SeaHur'ahn SeaOrch'tza OceanSea of TzurkaT'forgra SeaTzalmora SeaWinding StraitYandir Sea

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