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Tobacco was a highly addictive, carcinogenic plant that was smoked on Earth until the 21st century. (DS9 episode: "Little Green Men") Tobacco could also be chewed for pleasure. Either medium released into the humanoid bloodstream the habit-inducing drug nicotine (DS9 novel: Antimatter)

Tobacco was still used into the 2260s, and was readily available (in Terran and other varieties) aboard the Orion merchant ship Omari-Ekon. (SCE eBook: Distant Early Warning)

Tobacco was one of the many goods the Senites freely provided to the residents of the village of Dohama on the planet Sanctuary. (TOS novel: Sanctuary)

The Capellan Markah plant had leaves similar to tobacco leaves, which were also dried and rolled into cigarillos. However unlike tobacco Markah cigarillos were neither toxic or addictive. (ST - The Fall novel: The Poisoned Chalice)

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