Tolan was a sciences division commander serving as science officer aboard the USS Farragut in the late 2250s.

In 2257, Tolan was on duty on the bridge when the Farragut was attacked by the dikironium cloud creature. He was one of two hundred crewmen to perish in the attack, which included nearly all of the ship's senior officers. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

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Tolan was mentioned as holding the first officer position, which somewhat contradicts TOS comic: "Debt of Honor", where the first officer was a command division officer named Arthur Chenowyth. In comparison with canon, Tolan could not conceivably have been the actual first officer, as it was mentioned in TOS episode: "Obsession" that the first officer commended Kirk after the attack, which Tolan could not have done—Tolan was killed in the attack. Mentioned as a commander, it is also possible this character was a lieutenant commander who was referred to by the shorter form of the rank.

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