Toman'torax was a Jem'Hadar Second under First Omet'iklan.

In 2372, Toman'torax was rescued along with Weyoun and the rest of his unit by the crew of the USS Defiant after their warship was attacked by rogue Jem'Hadar. When the two groups later trained together to take on the rogue Jem'Hadar based on Vandros IV, Toman'torax contemptuously goaded Worf and the two began to fight. When Toman'torax and Worf later fought again, Omet'iklan killed Toman'torax by breaking his neck. Omet'iklan told Benjamin Sisko that even though Toman'torax was a good soldier, his refusal to follow orders needed to be dealt with seriously. (DS9 episode: "To the Death")

Toman'torax is a selectable commander in Dominion Wars.

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