The Toorjaani are a spacefaring humanoid species.

Toorjaani are known for having an almost psychic empathy for injured individuals which has been described as being nearly as good as that of Betazoids. Toorjaani noses bend either left or right at right angles, an evolutionary trait that led to those with left-pointing noses becoming a dominant caste while Toorjaani with right-pointing noses have been discriminated against and forced into servile roles. Due to this discrimination, the United Federation of Planets spent many years considering the Toorjaani application to join and continues to do so. The Toorjaani Virjaaj Aaastaak served as a Starfleet nurse aboard the USS Defiant as a member of Julian Bashir's medical team. Bashir noted that Aaastaak had poor hearing like all Toorjaani but an excellent bedside manner. (DS9 - Rebels novel: The Conquered)

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