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For other uses, see Toreth.

Commander Toreth was a female Romulan starship captain. She was the commanding officer of the IRW Khazara. She was a proud and dedicated commander, and was once awarded the Sotarek Citation for valor in battle against the Klingons. (TNG episode: "Face of the Enemy")

In 2364, she was a representative of the Romulan Star Empire in a secret meeting held by Spock and Sarek in an asteroid in the Romulan Neutral Zone to discuss the recent destruction of Romulan outposts along the Neutral Zone. (TOS - Vulcan's Soul novel: Exodus)

In 2369, Toreth was ordered to deliver a Tal Shiar operative, Major Rakal, and some unidentified cargo to the Kaleb sector. Unbeknownst to Toreth, "Rakal" was actually an undercover identity of Deanna Troi, who was participating in a scheme to smuggle dissidents out of Romulan territory. (TNG episode: "Face of the Enemy"; WizKids modules: Tactics, Attack Wing)

Toreth was censured for her role in the fiasco, but went on to distinguish herself during the Dominion War, in which she was single-handedly responsible for several victories for the allies. Following the Empire's schism in 2379, she allied herself with Commander Donatra, becoming a member of her inner circle, and was later appointed head of the Imperial Romulan State military. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

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