Torethirala "Thira" zh'Vres was an Andorian zhen in the 24th century.

As of 2381, she was wanted on charges of fraud in the Ferengi Alliance. Those charges were dismissed, however, after the Ferengi trader Sekki paid several bribes to authorities, and then hired zh'Vres to to take part in a conspiracy against the United Federation of Planets. Using the alias Altheria zh'Ranthi and a drug to mask her DNA profile, zh'Vres obtained a small starship named Kovlessa, and took aboard 422 individuals. She then brought them to Cestus III, presenting them as evacuees from the Andorian colony Alrond, and claiming that the planet Zalda had refused to accept them as refugees.

The Governor of Cestus III, Yrolla Gari, allowed the Kovlessa passengers to be sheltered at Explorer Field in Johnson City. While there, Sergeant Hildegard Silverman of the Johnson City Police Department noted the name "Altheria zh'Ranthi" on a list of casualties of the Borg Invasion. A subsequent DNA test discovered the drug and zh'Vres's true identity. After her arrest, zh'Vres attempted to contact Sekki, but discovered that she had been murdered. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

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