Torgu-Va was a star system, located somewhere in the space of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. The system is two-days travel within the Tarn Neutral Zone. There is one planet orbiting a blue-white A class star.

In 2367 the USS Enterprise-D came within 0.3 Parsecs of the system and discovered the wreckages of the Starfleet vessel USS Verdun and the Tarn Imperial Fleet vessel Rashasa. The two vessels had fought each other in 2163 when the Federation-Tarn War was still in conflict. The remains of the two vessels were on the far side of the sun away from the planet. The Federation and the Tarn Empire agreed to allow the Enterprise-D to explore the system and document the wreckages of the two ships for an additional three days. This was before the discovery of survivors on the Torgu-Va planet.

System makeupEdit


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